• Klejda Jolldashi Teacher, Jorgji Dilo School, Elbasan


The subject of Geography occupies an important place in the curriculum of secondary and lower education and not just this. It enables students to know about physical-geographic and human phenomena at a local and global level. It makes them to recognize the geographic environment where they live and interact but also competent to protect it. Physical-geographic and human occurrences cannot be understood and evaluated without direct observation on the ground. In 9-year education schools it is important to recognizing the understanding of these occurrences also takes place and the geography excursion. Through this work will be reflected the way it is organized in theory and how it develops in practice and excursion in the geography subject in secondary and lower schools. The example is taken from the subject of geography at VII with specificization in visits and recognition of natural values and cultural center of the city of Elbasan with focus on Egnatia road (Via Egnatia).

The main goal is to concretize on the ground what the students study theoretically in the school environments. Specific knowledge of physical-geographic occurrences, human and the interaction of natural and human factors on the environment makes students more active in environmental protection and encouraging them to become an active part of his protection.


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