• Jasminka Kochoska “St. Kliment Ohridski“ University- Bitola, Faculty of Education- Bitola
  • Blagojche Anastasov “St. Kliment Ohridski“ University- Bitola, Faculty of Education- Bitola


When it comes to education for social work, social and rehabilitation pedagogy is crucial. The main goal is to provide students with continuity in the programs for inclusive education and rehabilitation with people in different environments and organizational forms in all life periods. Therefore, the focus of this paper is placed precisely on this area, the place of social and rehabilitation pedagogy in the educational system, their significance and dimensions, methods and their functions. What is really needed and puts an apostrophe on is the acquisition of students with basic theoretical knowledge and understanding in the field of social and rehabilitation pedagogy, the necessary competences for practical work in this field, execution and evaluation of the programs implemented for these persons, the necessary competences for communication and teamwork with professional school workers and with the parents or caregivers of people with special needs, as well as acquiring basic knowledge for ongoing professional development in the process of lifelong learning.


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