• Jovanka Denkova Faculty of Philology, UGD, Štip


There is a large number of studies that look at the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren. In addition, our article could be conceptualized according to several points of departure that consider this relationship in world scientific thought. А number of studies point to the vast positive impact this relationship has on both babies and grandparents, but mostly on the development of grandchildren. Good communication and joint activities contribute to overcoming loneliness and depression in the elderly, and children, in turn, have faithful friends whom they can trust to, seek advice, but also have joint activities (narration, singing, walks, sports, etc.). The purpose of this research paper is to investigate these interfaces in communication between grandparents and grandchildren and to show how children's literature can contribute to improve the image of older younger generations. For this purpose, the subject of our research will be considered the collection of short stories „Grlici“ („Turtledoves“) by Vasil Tocinovski.


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