• Klejda Jolldashi ’’Jorgji Dilo’’school, Elbasan


Today's learning has the student's core and in this way the teacher leads the learning, offers the students the paths for independent research of information. The teacher instead of the ready-made solutions creates the students opportunities to find a variety of solutions to the same problem. Instead of the definite definitions, it leads the learner into independent judgments and justifications by imitating in this way the thinking of the scientist and the future scholars.
Through this work it will reflect the way how it is organised in theory and how to develop a research project in geography of upper and lower secondary education. The example is taken from the subject of geography of the third class with the actualization of the visits and the recognition of the natural and cultural values of the National Park of Prespa.
The main goal is to provide students with the skills and the expressions needed to be successful in a simple research-scientific work. Knowing the physical-geographic, human phenomena and interaction of natural and human factors in the environment makes the students more active in environmental protection and educates them with a democratic spirit to solve the problems.


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