• Jasminka Kochoska “St. Kliment Ohridski“University- Bitola Faculty of Education- Bitola
  • Marija Ristevska “St. Kliment Ohridski“University- Bitola Faculty of Education- Bitola


All professions have value systems that give the goal and direction to their practitioners. Regarding the goals and values of social work, they relate to living conditions and improving the well-being of people, the way social workers treat people and their goals, as well as the ways to achieve them. This work is dedicated to students, future social workers, who through education for social work and associated practice should be trained for this profession. By using their knowledge, values and skills, be able to help people in need and solve social problems. A successful social worker is one who can critically think in a particular situation and make a proper assessment of the same. Students will be able to face it only if they actively participate in solving the life challenges of the affected people, as well as improving their well-being. The development of effective critical thinking is essential and it can be realized through the active participation of students in a range of activities, including various forms of therapy and counseling, group work and community work; formulation and policy analysis, etc. In this direction, a range of knowledge, techniques, strategies, principles and activities are used in education for social work and practice, with one single goal, maintenance or change of the system.


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