• Blagojche Anastasov “St. Kliment Ohridski“ University- Bitola Faculty of Education- Bitola
  • Jasminka Kochoska “St. Kliment Ohridski“ University- Bitola Faculty of Education- Bitola


Drug and drug abuse is a phenomenon typical of modern society that does not occur elsewhere and to others, but right here, among us. The number of those who enjoy drugs is growing rapidly, especially among young people, high school students and even elementary school students. Of particular concern is the fact that The Republic of Macedonia is a transit country on the road to drugs, but at the same time a country that produces and consumes drugs. Every day we are witnessing a steady decline in the average age of consumers with initiation and abuse of illicit drugs. Drug addiction is treated as a disease of modern society, and there are numerous factors and causes for its occurrence and daily growth. The main immediate factors are: tradition, impact of modern social processes on breaking down the homogeneous family, urban environment, migration, urbanization and so on. The general social causes of drug addiction are as follows: the rapid flow of ideas and the rise of standards, changes in the value system, structural changes, lack of awareness of drug properties and signs of youth behavior. Unfortunately, the Information chain is based on the principle that young people learn about drugs very quickly, but not in time for its harmful properties and effects.


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