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%A Lazarevska, Aleksandra %A Gramatkovski, Biljana %D 2020 %T TYPES OF COMMUNICATION IN THE TEACHING OF THE SUBJECT MACEDONIAN LANGUAGE %K %X Communication is a complex process that simultaneously occurs as a process of interaction between individuals, as an information process and as a process of mutual influence and understanding in a verbal way. According to the article "Four types of commucation", communication is seven percent verbal and 93 percent non-verbal. Of the nonverbal communication, 55 percent belong to body language and 38 percent to tone of voice. What we do with the body has a big impact on everyone around us, especially those we want to influence. Let's break down how to use body language and space effectively. In the further elaboration of this article we will consider the types of communication, the types of communication in teaching, ie the types of communication in Macedonian language classes. %U %J International Journal of Education TEACHER %0 Journal Article %R 10.20544/teacher/19.04 %P 34-42%V 10 %N 19 %@ 1857-8888 %8 2020-06-30