The challenges of integrating students with Down Syndrome


  • Miranda Lushaj Shala



This research focuses on the integration challenges of children with Down Syndrome, this topic addresses the issue of their integration into regular classes.

This research has used the quantitative and qualitative methods which has served in data collection and analysis.

The research was conducted in the parallel classes of the following primary schools in Gjakove: “Yll Morina” and “Zekeria Rexha”, at the Resource Center “Përparimi” in Prishtina, as well as in some other primary public schools in Prishtina and in Gjakova (in (“Nazim Gafurri”, “Hilmi Rakovica”, “Mustafa Bakia”, “Shaban Golaj”). The research was conducted based on various literary review and studies done regarding this field, along with the data results collected from the questionnaires.

From the given answers we get to conclude that the discriminative mentality, the lack of professionalism from the teachers side in order to work with children with Down Syndrome, the inadequate infrastructure, result to be challenging in integrating these children into regular (inclusive) classes. The majority of teachers agree that MASHT (MEST) should provide professional trainings to the teachers that work with children with Down Syndrome.


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Lushaj Shala, M. (2024). The challenges of integrating students with Down Syndrome. International Journal of Education Teacher, 27, 55–61.