Ethics in Times of Advanced AI: Investigating Students’ Attitudes Towards ChatGPT and Academic Integrity


  • Elena Shalevska Faculty of Education - Bitola
  • Bisera Kostadinovska-Stojchevska



Artificial Intelligence, Academic Dishonesty, Higher Education


The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has permanently changed life as we know it. And education has been no exception. Understanding the issues and benefits that may come with the implementation of AI into higher education, in particular, this study examines the impact of advanced AI models, like ChatGPT, on academic integrity. By employing a mixed-methods approach, the study gathers insights from undergraduate students at the University "St. Kliment Ohridski" in Bitola, North Macedonia, exploring their views on AI's role in academic practices.
By identifying the key points through a brief literature review, this study finds that the concerns about the use of AI in education are indeed founded – concerns including potential for cheating and the ethical dilemmas posed by such technologies. Some of these concerns were also confirmed by the data obtained through our survey. A sample of 114 undergraduate students kindly provided their responses for this study, helping further our insights with their perspective. The findings from the survey revealed that students are moderately comfortable with using AI for academic purposes, with a notable portion of them admitting to using ChatGPT without disclosure to professors. The reasons behind the undisclosed use of AI, according to the data collected, include pressures for high grades, time constraints and the accepted belief that cheating is “what everyone is doing”.
Despite its limitations, such as reliance on self-reported data and its focus on a specific geographic and academic context, we believe that the study still manages to make a small, yet significant contribution to the ethical challenges posed by AI in education.


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Shalevska, E., & Kostadinovska-Stojchevska, B. (2024). Ethics in Times of Advanced AI: Investigating Students’ Attitudes Towards ChatGPT and Academic Integrity. International Journal of Education Teacher, 27, 72–78.