About the Journal

Focus and scope

The International Journal of Education – Teacher is an international electronic peer-reviewed and open access journal that publishes articles in all fields of education (language and literature, social sciences, sports and health, economics and business, mathematics and natural sciences, and visual arts and music education). The Journal presents high quality original research which focuses on current trends in education and incorporates various methodological approaches. The Journal invites authors to submit their previously unpublished original research articles. The language of submitted articles must be English.
The Journal is published by the Faculty of Education - University St. Kliment Ohridski, twice a year, at the end of May and October.

For the May edition, papers should be submitted by 1 March.
For the November edition, papers should be submitted by 1 September.

First year of the journal publication – 2004

The Journal charges fee of 15 euros per article. The fee is used to meet the costs of journal production and of online hosting and archiving.

Publication ethics and publication malpractice statement

 The IJE Teacher has the sole purpose of deepening and advancing knowledge. All participants in the process of editing and publishing (authors, reviewers, editors and members of the editorial board) should adhere to the ethical standards that are the basis of the practice and recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).


Responsibility of author/s

  Report standards

The author/s ought to accurately present their research and strive for an objective discussion on its significance. The collected data should also be accurately presented. Knowingly giving false statements constitute unethical behavior and are unacceptable. Personal attacks, disparaging remarks, defamation or accusations of other scientists are not allowed in the IJE "Teacher".

‒ Multiple or simultaneous publications

Papers which describe the same research should not be submitted by author/s to more than one journal or publication. Parallel submission of the same paper to more than one journal is unacceptable. Submitted papers must not have been previously published, accepted for publication, or reviewed for another journal or publication.

Authorship of the paper

Authorship should encompass only those who have most significantly contributed to the concept of the paper, to the research, to the published analysis, or to the interpretation of the results. All those who have made substantial contributions should be listed as co-authors. The names of the other persons who have participated in certain essential aspects of the research project should be listed in the section Acknowledgments.

‒ Fundamental errors in published papers

Should the author/s detect publishing errors in their paper that has already been published, they are bound to immediately notify the editor or the publisher of the journal in order to have their either paper retracted or updated with corrigendum/erratum.


Responsibility of the editors

The editors of this journal are liable for deciding on the publication of submitted papers, as well as for everything published in the journal. In making these decisions, editors are guided by the policies of the journal's editorial board and by the legal requirements regarding defamation, copyright infringement, or plagiarism. The editors of IJE Teacher consult one another when making decisions about papers to be published. They strive to maintain the academic integrity, prevent the compromise of the intellectual and ethical standards, and be always ready to clarify, correct, and apologize if necessary. The evaluation of the submissions should be fair and solely referring to the intellectual content, with no regard to the race, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, ethnic origin, citizenship, or political philosophy of the author/s. The editor-in-chief and members of the editorial board may not disclose any information about the submitted paper to anyone but the corresponding author, peer-reviewers, and the publisher. The editor must ensure that the paper is anonymized when sending it to the reviewers. Editorial board members may not disclose the names of authors to reviewers before the submitted paper is published. The name of the reviewer may be disclosed to the author by the editorial board only at the request of the reviewer and only after the final decision regarding the publication of the submitted materials. The editor should endeavor to ensure a fair and appropriate review process. Editors should recuse themselves from deciding on the acceptance of articles in which there is a conflict of interest arising from competitive, collaborative, or other relationships and affiliations with any of the authors or institutions associated with the papers. Papers written by members of the editorial board submitted for publication in IJE Teacher are reviewed for their academic quality, without regard to their position on the board.


Publisher's Liability

The publisher of IJE Teacher aims to monitor and promote the sustainability of the journal, and – in cooperation with the editorial board, to create relevant policies and guidelines for the journal also. The responsibility refers to promoting a better system of scholarly communication and management of the journal, regularly reviewing the rules and updating the policies when necessary.

The publisher of IJE Teacher participates in dealing with any potential cases of infringement of intellectual property, laws and related issues. The publisher ensures that the journal's editors, authors, reviewers and other interested parties adopt the best publishing policies and practice.


Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism in all its forms constitutes unethical publishing behavior and is unacceptable in our journal. Author(s) should submit original works and if they have used works and/or words of other authors, they should ensure that this is properly cited. Self-plagiarism, that is, the attempt to republish one's own, previously published, work without significant changes in it, is also unacceptable. Republishing the same data as "new" data creates repetition in the academic literature and can skew meta-analyses. Authors who submit papers to our journal are required to sign a Declaration to confirm the originality and authenticity of the paper. The editors of IJE “Teacher” reserve the right to vet and check all submitted papers through appropriate plagiarism checking tools. The integrity of the publication is of paramount significance, so any suspected plagiarism or self-plagiarism will be treated with the utmost seriousness in accordance with COPE guidelines. Papers containing suspected plagiarism, in whole or in part, will be rejected by the editors during the initial review of the paper.